" Introducing MMC NAV. Now no student will be out of sight. The tracker is specially designed for schools/colleges to manage their fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Bus. It smoothens the administrative tasks along with assuring the safety of a minor. The schools/colleges can be aware if the whereabouts of the child by knowing the precise situation of the fleet of buses.!"

Online Tracking of School Buses

"MMCNAV is Provide a location based service that helps you track the safety and location of school children while in transit, anytime, anywhere. Our MMCNAV is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service facilitates administrative tasks that go along with ensuring the safety of a child. You stay aware of the where abouts of children at all times. Parents are also kept updated using this service. Once can use this service for corporate employee transportation as well.!"

Application Benefits

" Track all buses in real-time so parents can be notied of the actual arrival time of the buses, With GPS tracking this information is automatically collected and reported, which saves time and minimizes errors for both drivers and fleet managers.Improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic GPS tracking on vehicles.Optimize routing and track engine idling to minimize your impact on the environment, trim pollutant emissions, and reduce your fleet's carbon footprint. minimizing the time children have to wait.!"